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Carlien Fermont 1"I like volunteering, especially when the cause concerns my community," says Carline Fermont, a FOKAL volunteer in Martissant. In 2007, she was already participating in the platform of discussions initiated at the level of the population about the creation of Martissant Park. This “space of speech” was an opportunity to stimulate...

Site FOKALFOKAL is changing the design of its website. This is in keeping with our desire to make the site more user-friendly and livelier, for a more efficient visit.   What has changed ? First, the FOKAL and BMC calendars are now available in one click from the homepage of the site. Visitors will also discover some of the new features in other...

mamboOne hundred and eighty families in the district of Berno and its surroundings in the communal section of Camp Louise in the North now have access to good quality water and in greater quantity following the capture of the Mambo and Cayemite springs in this area. Inaugurated on July 28, 2017, the catchment works* were designed and implemented by...

IMG 9013 web ALrgeAt the Martissant Park, around twenty children and older persons were able to observe the partial solar eclipse, on August 21, 2017, thanks to special glasses, under the supervision of the Park’s staff.   The Citizenship project in Martissant, funded by the American Red Cross, brought together children and teenagers at the Park to...

Lumiere en pret  In order to help young people face the problem of public lighting in the Martissant neighborhood, a project of FOKAL offers portable lamps on loan, through the library of the Katherine Dunham Cultural Center (CCKD).  The light library is a new project FOKAL is experimenting with young readers of the CCKD. Portable solar...

Photo de groupeFrom July 19th  to 24th 2017, FOKAL’s Youth Initiative Program brought together young debate leaders, coaches and judges for the program's traditional annual debate camp, held in the town of Jacmel at the Eco-Resort des Orangers ( HERO). During 5 days, two tournaments took place. First the semi-finals and the final of the national...

FlorenceAs part of our series of portraits of  students and craftsmen of the on-site school of the Gingerbread project, Nouvèl FOKAL presents a woman who has worked on the finishing touches of the Dufort House: Florence Celcis. Experienced professional glassworker, she made fifteen lampshades and wall lamps for the home. She...

Rasin Lespwa intThe Rasin Lespwa Library of Darbonne organized a range of activities in April 2016 under the theme "Literature and dictatorships" as part of the celebration of its 19 years of existence. Thus, Saturday, April 16, 2016, the library welcomed Professor Patrice Dumont, the guest of honor of the celebration, for a conference.  On April 17 and 24...

DufortDufort House, located at # 9, 2nd Avenue Travail, the first project of the FOKAL Gingerbread School Restoration Project, was inaugurated on March 21st, 2016. This rehabilitation was part of the FOKAL overall project, in collaboration with ISPAN and other partner organizations. The goals of the project are: to better document the Gingerbread...

CCKD 2During the month, the library has registered several new members, 561 members attended the center and 64 people have visited. During the month of February, as always in the interest of serving the people of Martissant and surrounding areas, KDCC organized a series of activities for its members and visitors. The first week of the month was marked...

BiblioTaptap fevrierIn the Bibliotaptap (Library in a truck) program, February was marked by regular events conducted by facilitators on 7 parking sites and also activities with guests. On February 4, on the occasion of the International Day Against Cancer, Sandra Marcelin, internal physician at the Justinian University Hospital, spoke on that subject at the...

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