Carline Fermont, a volunteer in Martissant for 9 years

Carlien Fermont 1"I like volunteering, especially when the cause concerns my community," says Carline Fermont, a FOKAL volunteer in Martissant. In 2007, she was already participating in the platform of discussions initiated at the level of the population about the creation of Martissant Park. This “space of speech” was an opportunity to stimulate citizenship and scial cohesion social in the neighborhood.

In 2010, after this first phase of dialogues, citizens, including Carline, went from awareness to involvement. The materialization of their motivation has given birth to the body of volunteers who, to this day, continue to give themselves entirely in the implementation of FOKAL activities in the area.

Very joyful, Carline, 48 years old, says she is not yet ready to turn the page of her volunteerism, which is very rewarding, she testifies. According to her, she learned the true meaning of words such as solidarity, collective leadership in a voluntary environment, etc. Her work comes within the framework of peer education.


Living in Descayettes (Cajou), a neighborhood of Martissant, Carline is a person of good will, who puts her time, experience, and skills for free for the sustainability of FOKAL activities in the neighborhood. She is an inspiration that drives others to action, and is also noted for her ability to put everyone at ease. She also takes part, with other volunteers, in various training and institutional visits. Carline also helps in conducting surveys, and is keen to share her trainings with her neighbors.

Just last week, along with other volunteers, she conducted sensitization sessions on water treatment for 20 families in Cajou. Carline volunteers, at the same time, both for the community project management known as Gestion urbaine de Proximité (GUP) andthe Health and Rights Initiative.

This mother of 3 - 2 boys and a girl - is convinced that helping her community is the best way to help and help herself. Her volunteer commitment is a symbol, among many others, of exemplarity that will be presented to value and recognize their noble and important involvement.



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