Ayiti Demen is a nonprofit organization devoted to improving the quality of life in Haïti by empowering local communities through philanthropy.


28 Bethune Street New York, NY 10014 USA

Email: info@ademen.org


+1 347 506 1158 | +1 347 352 1955

About Ayiti Demen


Our Story

Previously known as Friends of FOKAL, Ayiti Demen was founded in 2007 to support the activities of the Foundation for Knowledge a Liberty (FOKAL), a 26-year-old private foundation in Haiti. As social and economic issues have increased in Haiti throughout the years, our mission began to expand beyond the financial needs of FOKAL. Many youths are disillusioned by the lack of opportunity to fulfill their aspirations and contribute to their communities; artists are struggling to create and make a living from their arts; farmers and producers have seen their livelihoods threatened by climate changes and natural disasters. We are tackling these questions –and many more– seriously and efficiently. We do this work by funding innovative initiatives designed and carried out by organizations with a ground understanding of the problems and capable of achieving measurable impact. The projects we fund revolve around three broad themes: education, art & culture, sustainable development. Our grants are made through FOKAL to women-led organizations, farmers’ associations, cultural institutions, and small businesses. Ayiti Demen also provides support in response to crises while still focusing on building local capacity. When a devastating earthquake hit the southern region of Haiti in August 2021, Ayiti Demen responded by launching a joint fundraising effort with FOKAL, raising more than $1,031,000. We strategically distributed the funds in the forms of grants to grassroots organizations to deliver relief to their affected communities and invest in long-term economic recovery. Ayiti Demen is registered as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization under the laws of the state of New York and the United States (EIN: 20-8967664). Donations made by eligible U.S. taxpayers may be tax-deductible.



143, Avenue Christophe BP 2720 HT 6112 Port-au-Prince,Haïti

Tel : (509) 2813-1694

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