February 2016 at the Katherine Dunham Cultural Center

CCKD 2During the month, the library has registered several new members, 561 members attended the center and 64 people have visited. During the month of February, as always in the interest of serving the people of Martissant and surrounding areas, KDCC organized a series of activities for its members and visitors.

The first week of the month was marked by carnival festivities; KDCC staff hosted on this occasion a mask workshop with children from several schools in the area. About sixty children took part in this activity where they learned to make masks for carnival.

Saturdays, 13 and 27 February, members were invited to KDCC for Checkers and Scrabble workshops led by Bengie Alcimé. During these workshops, participants learned about the role of games in the psychological development of individuals,  learned the different types of educational games, and finally learned the rules of the games. Through these workshops, the KDCC intends to encourage its members to use a fun area where they can practice the available games (scrabble, checkers and chess) every Saturday.

 On the occasion of the International Day of the mother tongue (February 21), the center invited Claude Pierre, the poet-academician, for a chat about Creole. During this talk, the poet spoke of the conditions of the emergence of Creole during the colonial period, and the role it played as a cement between the different ethnic groups living in Sant Dominge (HaÏti). Participants who took part in this activity did not hide their concerns about the various spellings of Creole and various ways of speaking in different areas. The talk took place in a friendly atmosphere with reflections on language and poetry readings.

For the month of March, the KDCC has a rich program including exhibitions and conferences on the Duvalier dictatorship, the struggle of women during the dictatorships and reading marathons to celebrate the days of storytelling and theater.




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