Martissant Park

Jardin medicinal1The project of the park of Martissant in the zone of concerted development (Zone d’aménagement concertée ZAC) extends on a wooded area of 17 hectares. Declared to be of public utility in 2007 by presidential decree for the development of the Martissant park, the territory of the project includes the former Habitation Leclerc, Pauline residence, residence of Katherine Dunham, Destouches property, and the former residence of the Mangonès family. Fokal is currently working with other public and private partners, in particular the European Union and the Haitian government, on the Martissant project. It has two components. The first concerns the development and opening up of the natural park to the general public. It is a unique urban forest of 17 hectares in the Haitian capital. It is located inside a huge disadvantaged neighborhood, Martissant. The second concerns the continuous work of FOKAL in the neighborhood to improve the quality of life in Martissant and to promote responsible citizen actions in the area.

Since April 2017, the Martissant Park has become a national urban park by presidential decree (PNU-MAR).

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