Civic Education (AJULIH)

AJULIHIn April 2017, Lawyers without borders Canada (Avocats Sans Frontières Canada) launched the project "Access to Justice and Fight Against Impunity in Haiti" (AJULIH in French), funded by the Government of Canada and on which FOKAL is a partner. The project focuses on three areas: improving access to justice; contribute to the fight against impunity and corruption; contribute to promoting citizen participation in democratic processes. FOKAL is particularly involved in this latter aspect, through its civic Education program.

Enabling citizens to understand and claim their rights:
Civic education is one of the prerequisites for citizens to take up social issues, participate in public debate and be able to demand that their government act for the public good. FOKAL proposes to produce a set of general documents on various human rights themes, to set up a platform for information and online exchanges on these themes, and to offer the public cultural activities to raise awareness specifically of youth to issues of citizenship and human rights through artistic practice. Through this campaign of information, education and civic actions, FOKAL wishes to sensitize the youth on topics as varied as the rights of women, minors, prisoners, the duty to remember, impunity and transitional justice, etc.

Accompanying actors working for the promotion of human rights:
Through targeted actions, FOKAL wishes to reach out directly to citizens and especially to young citizens. FOKAL also believes that it is important to encourage the actors who interact with them on a daily basis, and whose work in favor of respect for human rights reflects on young people. It aims to strengthen civil society actors through training, train-the-trainer training, and coaching. An annual call for proposals for projects promoting human rights will permit to identify and accompany civil society organizations and / or citizens wishing to propose innovative citizen actions; book animations will allows library managers and staff to create fun, interactive and educational activities around human rights themes



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