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UniversiteThe 2010 earthquake has permanently affected the education system both in human terms and in infrastructure. Above all, it revealed dysfunctions of all kinds that had prevailed for years. Since the earthquake, FOKAL has developed through the Education and Universities program a series of activities in order to:

  • Identify and support education and training projects that carry innovative social, organizational or technological dynamics, particularly for the most vulnerable people in Haitian society. 
  • Support both institutions and individuals involved in the construction and enhancement of knowledge about Haiti, its history, memory, environment, geography, demographic, political, social and cultural components, as well as development Of the social and technological innovation capacities of the country.
  • To help ensure that educational structures and higher education institutions meet, through training and research, well-identified development needs of the country and improve the quality of life of the population.
  • Mobilize Haitian and foreign scientists who contribute to the advocacy of Haitian civil society organizations in areas such as justice, duty to remember, health, environment and education.
  • Promote the presence of Haiti in scientific networks, international circles of reflection and decision making by facilitating the movement of people between Haiti and abroad

The program focuses primarily and in a non-exclusive manner on the following areas of intervention: health and environmental sciences; the humanities and social sciences. It wishes to strengthen education through support to rural education projects, education for people with disabilities, support for technology training projects; student volunteering; youth entrepreneurship.

It develops a set of relations with Haitian and foreign organizations and universities.

FOKAL awards financial support to brilliant students for postgraduate and university studies in Haiti, or abroad for postgraduate studies.



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