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Lumiere en pretIn order to help young people face the problem of public lighting in the Martissant neighborhood, a project of FOKAL offers portable lamps on loan, through the library of the Katherine Dunham Cultural Center (CCKD).

 The light library is a new project FOKAL is experimenting with young readers of the CCKD. Portable solar flashlights are lent through the library. Light can now be brought home. It allows schoolchildren to study at night, as one possible practical use. In September 2016, a mission of Concepteurs Lumières Sans Frontières (Lighting Designers without Borders - CLSF) presented the light-library project at the CCKD. The Center's Director, Islande Baptiste proposed that portable lamps should be added to the collection of the library and lent out via the same regulations as the books. This was approved. CLSF launched the library-light project in March 2017 by conducting two workshops with the library technicians and teenagers of the CCKD.During a first phase, thirty (30) portable solar lamps were loaned in March, as a trial period. Reports showed that young people get to enjoy 3 hours of lighting for reading and study. Furthermore they take good care of the lamps that they can recharge during daylight before returning them to the library.Following the interest of schoolchildren and the evolution of the use of portable lamps in the light library, the capacity of this "library" will be increased by fifty (50) new portable lamps in September 2017.
"The light-loan service has become a major element in the attendance of the center by young schoolchildren in the area and contributes to the enhancement of the CCKD," said Islande Baptiste, director of the center.  During FOKAL’s consultations with inhabitants of the Martissant neighborhood, the lack of street lighting was identified as one of the major concerns for local residents. FOKAL’s innovative new project, under the guidance of Concepteurs Lumières Sans Frontières (Lighting Designers Without Borders - CLSF) has three main aspects: installation of fixed lamps in the passageways between houses, installation of solar street lights in streets and public spaces, and finally the implementation of a light library at the CCKD . 
Since 2015, FOKAL has installed thirty-six solar streetlights in the districts of Beny, Soray, Toulon, Taupe, Martissant 21, Jeannot, Deslouis and Ti Bois, which facilitate traffic at night. Furthermore, two hundred and twenty-three (223) solar systems made up of fixed lamps were also installed. At the same time, an electrification project is also being carried out in the area.



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