Inauguration of two water catchments in Berno (North)

mamboOne hundred and eighty families in the district of Berno and its surroundings in the communal section of Camp Louise in the North now have access to good quality water and in greater quantity following the capture of the Mambo and Cayemite springs in this area. Inaugurated on July 28, 2017, the catchment works* were designed and implemented by Synergie des Actions for Integrated Development (SYACDEIN), thanks to a grant from FOKAL.

This morning of Friday July 28th is a day of celebration in Berno. Children, young and old in this locality of the commune of Acul du Nord (Plaine du Nord) gathered under the large fig tree overlooking the Mambo spring to mark this inauguration, the end of the water catchments works.

It all began with a request from 3 local committees to SYACDEIN to solicit its support in better water access. The population used to get to water from springs in conditions detrimental to their health. "We filled our buckets on the ground, sometimes the animals would drink next to us and contaminate the water; these conditions made us sick, " recalls a forty year old member of the the Berno Youth Association during the inauguration. In addition to the risks of contamination, the conditions for the management and exploitation of source water sometimes led to conflicts in the community.

A few prospecting visits later, a project taking into account the technical guidelines has been set up and steps have been taken with the relevant institutions (DINEPA, OREPA, URD and TEPAC). Two sources, on several identified, are retained: Mambo and Cayemite. A grant from Fondasyon Konesans ak Libete (FOKAL), whose mission enclose the support to marginalized communities and the search for the common good, allows the launch of two water catchments in December 2016.

CayemiteThe whole community is involved in this project, which is theirs, whether in the workforce for the construction and cleaning works, the transport of the materials or by contributing to support some of the food expenses of the construction workers. During this inauguration, which also served as a passing of responsibility, SYACDEIN officials insisted on the participation of the community, which will have the task of supervising and maintaining the two works.The works include a catchment box at the points where water emerges, a fountain tank and a hypochlorator to treat the water collected.

The work of the Mambo spring presents additional facilities: two showers (for man and woman) and a laundry station. The two catchments benefit from a perimeter of protection (with among rock and vegetal fence). Local residents are very satisfied with the catchments offering healthy conditions for drinking water from fountains. "Here we are deprived of everything, this capture will bring a new breath to the locality", predicts Wilner Luc Genty, president of the Berno Youth Association (AJB).

The inauguration continued until the afternoon, with dance and singing numbers performed by young people from the community. Representatives from neighboring localities and DINEPA / OREPA (Haiti water works) also took part in the ceremony.



*The purpose of creating a water catchment is to produce the largest and most stable flow possible from a natural source and to reduce the risks of contamination of the untreated water.



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