FILMS OCTOBRE 2022 LIGHT3These documentary films will be available for free everywhere in the world from December 1st to 31st 2022.  

A MAN IN TURMOIL. From Haiti to Miami and Puerto Rico, this three-part documentary is an exceptional archive of Haitian migration in the early 1980s in the United States, as this December 12, 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the first Haitian refugee boats that were not automatically turned back. The famous Haitian author Jean-Claude Charles leads the investigation, accompanied by a team of France Television, to realize the audiovisual counterpart of his book " De si jolies petites plages " (Such pretty little beaches). Realities and revolting testimonies, a subtle cinematic language to denounce the unspeakable. This trilogy is proposed in partnership with the Festival Quatre Chemins whose theme this year is "Sou Lanmè" (At sea). 

I: HAITI: BETWEEN GOD AND THE PRESIDENT. This first of three films on Haiti by José Maria Berzosa and Jean-Claude Charles shows the importance of the role of the church in the status quo, its close ties to the government, and the irresponsibility of personalities close to power during the Duvalier dictatorship. We meet Archbishop Ligondé, blind to the errors of Haitian politicians, Ernest Bennett, also blinded by the position of his son-in-law Jean-Claude Duvalier, "the great chance for Haiti", and CEO of the Caribbean Cruise, who removes Haiti from the cruise itinerary. In Miami, the liberation theology priest Gérard Jean-Juste supports the refugee community and defends the violence of the oppressed against the oppressors. A film by José Maria Berzosa, an investigation by Jean-Claude Charles, France, VO ST-FR, 1982, 54'. 

II: HAITI: THE LAWS OF HOSPITALITY. In this film, we see how Haitian refugees in the United States find themselves imprisoned as criminals. Some find themselves in refugee camps that resemble concentration camps, such as Krome in Miami. Others find themselves in high-security prisons such as Otisville, New York, where no distinction is made between them and ordinary prisoners. Poignant testimonies, the weight of great moral misery, separated couples (men's camps, women's camps) and the official discourse of America embodied in a spokeswoman for Krome, a person in charge of the Otisville prison and an industrialist who exploits the Haitian labor force in Port-au-Prince. A film by José Maria Berzosa, an investigation by Jean-Claude Charles, France, VO ST-FR, 1982, 46'. 

III: HAITI: THE CHILDREN OF MILLBROOK. This last film in the series takes us to Millbrook, New York, a “special” school for minors considered unaccompanied by an American system that only recognizes the bonds of the nuclear family. They express their desire to leave this school, which is experienced as a prison, but are prevented from joining their relatives in the United States. In counterpoint to the testimonies of these teenagers, their families back in Haiti express their love but also their wish that they stay at all costs in the US. A film by José Maria Berzosa, an investigation by Jean-Claude Charles, France, VO ST-FR, 1982, 41'. 

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