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In 2017, FOKAL no longer receives applications for the following grant categories :

  • “Other grants : Human rights and civil society”,
  • "Support for studies "
  • "Art and Culture" .

The budget lines for these categories are exhausted for the year 2017. Grant proposals for other categories are still received, however, only via the links of Grant section on the FOKAL website. www.fokal.org.

The links to the online grant forms for these categories have therefore been disabled in the “Grants” section of the site. The requests will have to wait until February 2018. At this time, the links will be reactivated.


FOKAL will start receiving applications on 20 January 2017. New applications will be made online on the website www.fokal.org, via a dedicated form. FOKAL no longer receives new paper applications or by email since February 2016.

Grants awarded by the Martissant Project are not concerned. For information on grants related to the FOKAL project in Martissant, please inquire at the Martissant Park office. Tel : 28 13 16 95 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Library program directly manages grants to libraries in its network and does not fund new libraries.

The required documents are the same but the online form allows greater clarity in the applications sent to FOKAL, which will make the analysis of the files faster and more systematic. It will be possible to choose three categories of grant:

Art and Culture;
• Support for studies;
• Other grants. This category includes grants for the Media program, as well as priority areas such as human rights & civil society and sustainable development.

It is important to understand that grants outside of these themes will be difficult to take into account by the grant committee.In order to facilitate the submission of the application, a tutorial explains each step of the application. Also for each category, the list of documents to be submitted is presented at the beginning of the process. This list is similar to what FOKAL had previously requested for all applications.

Follow-up process

Once the form is completed and the documents to be provided are downloaded, simply click on the certificate of accuracy of the information provided. Then you will need to type a random code. Once you click on "Submit" you will receive a confirmation email. It is important to have a reliable e-mail address, which you regularly check out because information on your grant will be sent via e-mail. As the grant committees meet every two months, the response to your request will take between 1 and 3 months. Except in the case of the Art and Culture call for proposals, Fokal will notify, by e-mail, the persons in charge of the projects submitted as from 20 March 2017.

N.B. FOKAL will no longer receive paper applications or by email

Contact and address

143, Avenue Christophe BP 2720 HT 6112
Port-au-Prince,Haïti | Tel : (509) 2813-1694

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